Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sergeant Caught On Tape Asking For Bribe Gets Kicked Out Of The Nigerian Police Force

Yup! This man finally identified as Christopher Omeleze has been dismissed by the Nigeria police force for forcefully demanding bribe from a motorist. (MISSED IT? READ HERE
Read the statement released on the Nigerian Police Force's Facebook page below;
"BREAKING NEWS: DISMISSAL OF UNETHICAL POLICEMAN CAUGHT ON VIDEO. No. 192954 Sgt. Chris Omeleze of Lagos State MTD who was caught on video demanding for bribe has just been dismissed from the Nigeria Police Force. He was found guilty as charged in an Orderly room trial that was concluded few moments ago. More details follows." - ‪#‎NigeriaPolice‬
Also the Deputy Force Public Relations Officer Mr. Frank Mba added that contrary to Mr. Omeleze's claim to have accomplices, the phone call was found to be false to make the motorist part with his money.

Mr. Mba added that the dismissal of Mr. Omeleze is in line with the new Nigerian police zero tolerance for unethical and unprofessional conducts.
The police warn that it will not fail to weed out the bad eggs, while well behaved officers will be appropriately rewarded; it also urges Nigerians to like the motorist, join in the policing of policemen to help rid the force of corrupt officers.
Until his dismissal Mr. Omeleze had served a total of twenty-one years in the Nigerian police force.
Shame really! After a long time in your profession only to be booted out... well don't pity him at all, I hope this is the first step to many in trying to curb this distasteful act of policemen in our country.

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