Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Michelle Obama is Absolutely Stunning for Verge Magazine

Portrait of Michelle Obama on orange backgroundPortrait of Michelle Obama on orange background
I absolutely love the First Lady in this photos for Verge Magazine, she looks effortlessly stunning. Love the fashion, creativity and simplicity.

I read the interview and what she says about why she loves Social Media stuck with me;

“Social media bypasses the middle man. People can get to know me directly. They can see that I’m kind of silly sometimes, that I care. They can feel the passion and they don’t have to have it filtered through another source. And young people in particular like that.”

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Friday, March 11, 2016

So Excited!!! Spiderman is in the new Captain America Movie

Minding my Social Media business yesterday, lol and I saw #TeamIronMan trending. Finally found out the rave was about the preview of Captain America: Civil War. Being a Marvel movie fan I scrolled through the timeline and started to watch it and o boy! was I excited when I got to end and saw Spiderman.

Can't wait for the official release, I think I saw Antman too, this is going to be one blockbuster movie... wondering what the fight is all about though that caused the divided team but anywhoo I'm forever team #IronMan if I was to choose like everyone is doing.

 Anyways see the preview after cut incase you haven't seen it...