Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Re: Newborn Baby Found Buried Alive (Father Behind the Cruel Act)

According to published reports, the father of the innocent baby girl was behind the cruel act. 

The 25 year old labourer, Macaulay Onitcha, took the young baby to the bush, dug a shallow grave, threw the baby in the grave and covered it with sand.

Fortunately, someone who had witnessed him burying her alive hurriedly exhumed her after fighting and overpowering Macaulay at the scene. The person, Saturday Ekama, took the child to the police station to report what had happened. 

Baby Edna had a neck injury after she was dug out and is currently undergoing treatment at Saint Francis Hospital in Asaba, while her dad is in police custody at the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID. 

When questioned on his reason behind this wicked act, Macaulay told police that he attempted to kill his daughter because he was angry with his wife. He said he did it in anger and was sorry!



  1. Jeez cant't believe a father would do this to his own flesh and blood. When i first read the story, my first tots was a young girl dumped the baby... God is great and very patient sha.

  2. Thats the same thing I was thinking maybe it was a young teen but this is so sick for anyone to do how dare you take your anger out on a sweet innocent child thats has nothing to do with it smh I just wanna cry and I wish I can get the father or should I say bastard who did this and dig him and dirt so he can see how it feel.......
    Peoples really need to think before doing things I mean come on how is hurting your child because you mad is gonna solve things please people keep the kids out of things I am sooo tired of our young kids gettin hurt no matter what race black,white,spanish whatever it dont matter leave the babies alone please...

  3. It was a heartbreaking news.i couldnt imagine a little baby to be buried alive by his own dad.that person is so cruel and evil.

  4. People go through stuff but to drag a child throw it is out of line but GOD is the judge of all and he will pay the price for his action... Thank god that he is who he say he is are the impact of the fathers action would be worse. Thank you JESUS

  5. This is so sad. I'm appalled at all the people who automatically assume it was a young mom. Just because someone gets pregnant young doesn't mean they are heartless and cruel and will do anything to avoid the responsibility!!

  6. If only the law would allow an eye for an eye and do to him the exact same as he did to that innocent baby girl