Tuesday, June 25, 2013

LOL! Smart: KimYe Send Fake Baby Photo Of North To Friends

Kim played a real joke on her friends by sending out fake pics (above photos) of her new born baby. It turns out she wanted to see who her real friends are and also to see who would be the first to try and sell them. Lmao, she was so right because the photo got out, someone did try selling it for money.

Nice one Kim, very clever.. Here's how TMZ is reporting it;
Kim felt people in her world were going to hawk baby photos, so she wanted to catch the culprits quickly.  We're told Kim hatched a plan and sent a half-dozen of her "friends" pictures of a baby she claimed was North West -- but we're told it was an impostor infant. Sure enough someone came along and tried selling us this pic. 
At least they know who to trust now...  

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