Saturday, June 15, 2013

Audio: Rapper, 2 Chainz Finally Talks About The Robbery Incident

2 Chainz On Hot 107.9
In an interview with Hot 107.9 in Atlanta, the rapper went into vivid detail about the recent attempted robbery incident in San Francisco. While footage shows 2 Chainz and his crew running from the gunman, the ATL rapper said that everyone in the area was running because the attempted robbery took place in broad daylight in downtown San Francisco.

“I saw the gun first,” 2 Chainz said, It was like a .357. It was so heavy he couldn't really hold it. The gun was so big. That’s what made me take off running. When I went into the street, there was another dude with a whole ‘nother gun,” he added. “That’s when I knew it wasn't like an episode of Punk’d. I was like this is real…I had bullet fragments in my hair… I think he thought he shot me.”
Listen to the interview after cut...

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