Wednesday, December 21, 2011

President Obama sends Congratulatory message to Gay Couple

The Couple, Matt Katz,  32 and Aaron Lafrenz, 36 of Brooklyn, N.Y., were surprised to find a letter in their mailbox with the White House seal indented in the paper and the signature of Barack Obama on the bottom congratulating them on their nuptials.

According to BuzzFeed, Matt Katz, who seemed somewhat perplexed at the reason for the belated message of support says;

"I'm not sure why the letter got sent to us. Aaron and I were married on July 24th at Borough Hall, however, we had our wedding ceremony on July 23rd at my dad's house the day before. Maybe word got out that we were outlaws for a day?"

The letter reads thus, "Your union marks the beginning of a lifelong partnership as you share in the joys of your life together. I wish you the very best as you embark on your journey together and hope your bond grows stronger with each passing year."

Won't be surprise if this is a strategic plan to win Gay votes ahead for the 2012 elections... Lol!

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