Sunday, July 15, 2012

Horrific Video: Woman Beaten, Stripped and Burned with Cigarettes by Mobs

Shocking: A video captured the horrific moment a woman in India was set upon by a mob of at least 30 men in a city in India
A woman was left helpless in the hands of a mob of men who launched a terrifying attack on her as she left a bar in the City of Guwahati, India.

Shockingly no one comes to the assistance of the girl as she screams for help with bystanders and shop owners remaining spectators as the drama unfolds.

During the horrific ordeal, which reportedly lasted for 30 minutes, she is beaten and stripped.

A total of six men have so far been arrested in connection with the incident but the police are under increasing pressure to catch the remaining seven suspects.

Accused: Police have come under fire for their slow response to the incident. Posters have now been put up across the city showing the faces of the 13 suspects
Accused: The faces of the 13 suspects 

Watch Video after cut..... 

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