Sunday, September 11, 2011

‘Nigeria, one of world’s biggest software pirates’

Nigeria has been named as one of the top 10 countries with pirates of computer software.

Other countries on the list are China,Vietnam, Ukraine, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Mexico.

In a survey carried out for the Business Software Alliance, 15,000 computer users in 32 countries were quizzed and it was discovered that a significant majority of computer users in the developing world regularly acquire software through illegal means.

This includes buying a single licence for a program and then installing it on multiple machines or downloading programs from peer-to-peer networks.

The research also showed that nearly half the world’s computer users get most or all of their software illegally.

According to the BSA, pirates in developing markets often believe that they’re acting perfectly legally and attitudes among business owners were the same as those of personal users.

President of the BSA, Robert Holleyman, says most pirates prefer legal software in theory, but still get their software illegally because they don’t understand the principles involved.

He said, “They believe software piracy is commonplace and think it is unlikely people who steal software will be caught.”

Source: Punch

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