Thursday, September 8, 2011

Controversy - Mother dresses 3 year old daughter as prostitute on ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’

The Parents Television Council were outraged when 3 year old Paisley dressed up in Julia Roberts‘ prostitute costume from Pretty Woman.

According to the PTC, 

“We have a serious problem when The Learning Channel features a toddler, who probably hasn’t even learned to read, dressed as a prostitute showing off her sexy strut,there’s no question, TV executives are complicit in robbing these small kids of their childhood. For years we’ve seen adult sexuality being inappropriately and aggressively foisted on innocent young children, but children today are being sexualized at younger and younger ages.”

Wendy Dickey, Paisley’s mother, hearing this disagrees saying;

“Well, at this pageant there was an option to do celebrity-wear,” she explained. “And we thought about what we could wear with her being a brunette and Julia Roberts is my favorite actress of all time. I thought it was real cute to do Julia. She’s 3, if she was 10 I never would have considered this. But as young as she is I thought it was very comical.”

So what do you think of this... view video below; 

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