Friday, August 9, 2013

Kelly Rowland Talks On Dirty Laundry As She Covers The September Issue Of Essence Magazine

The R&B songstress, Kelly Rowland, 32, graces the latest issue where she opens up about everything from finding her confidence, to being happy for Beyonce but wanting her own success. Check out a few interview excerpts below via Essence;

 On the real meaning behind ‘Dirty Laundry:
“For a long time I wasn't happy, but that had nothing to do with BeyoncĂ©, that had to do with me trying to get my life in order and make better decisions for myself. I’m seeing all these wonderful things happen for her and I am happy for her. But I want a path. I want things to pop off for me, too. Not on her level but whatever my level is supposed to be.”

On why she was hesitant to open up before:
“I didn't want anybody to judge me. But now I don’t care,” she says. “Judge me if you want to. And as a matter of fact, it won’t even count, ‘cause the only person who can judge is God.” 

On her workout regime and finding her strength:
“I see the beauty in boxing,” she says. “It teaches me strength, physically but mostly mentally. I had to learn my strength, because for so long I could have been tougher than I was.”

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