Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nigerians To Pay £3,000 Cash Bond Before Entry Into The UK

Starting November 2013, the UK government will start collecting a £3,000 cash bond from visitors of high risk countries coming to Britain on six-month visit visas and guess what, our beloved country is among them. Other countries affected are India, Pakistan, Ghana, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. 

This select countries according to the UK government have been picked for their high number of visa applications and what they see as relatively high levels of immigration abuse and fraud.

The bond will also be expanded to cover thousands of visa applicants and extended to work and student permits as well as tourists. The money will be kept by the Government if visitors do not return home by the time their visas expire. 

According to Home Secretary, Theresa May this rule is in an attempt to reduce annual net migration to under 100,000 by 2015.

In their official figures about 2.2million people are granted visas to enter Britain every year. Last year 296,000 people from India were granted six-month visas, as were 101,000 from Nigeria, 53,000 from Pakistan and 14,000 apiece from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. 

Source: Dailymail

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