Thursday, January 3, 2013

Part 2: "I Was Sick, Life Broken, Crashed...It was like a Real Divorce" - D'banj Talks About Spilt From Mo'Hits

In this Part D’Banj talks about his split from Mohits and his growth as an artist.

When asked about the split from mohits, this what the Kokomaster had to say; 
Actually for me.... it was okay already by January.. because already errm.. 6months before that I already knew it was over.... because thats when you know we got back from the states and he told me wanted us to know it was a marriage... hmmm nine years and I lost custody of the kids too... only the one I had out of wedlock that's what I carried with K-Switch I carried him..... We tried therapy for six months you know... I was almost sick... Like in the first six months from July to like December I was sick.. It was like a real divorce... now am not even sure am ever gonna get married again.. like proper marriage... because I was loyal.. nine years... I was life broken, crashed... was about to start a new life, new career.. I actually just went back to scratch you know.. but he was nice enough to give me my catalogues... I tried to make it work for six months and then we spoke in January and found out that there was no way there.. i just decided to go on vacation and luckily they play Oliver Twist..."
Watch the video after cut... 

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