Friday, January 25, 2013

NCC Sets N4 Price Cap For Local Text Messages On All Networks

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has set a new price cap for Short Message Service (SMS) across networks.

According to NCC, the directive to this effect was communicated to the operators since January 3, 2013. The new price cap at N4.00 per SMS for all domestic off-net SMS will take  effect from February 5, 2013.

The new price cap is a 60 per cent reduction from the former price that was N10 per SMS for off-net and N5 per SMS for on-net text messages.

Director, Legal and Regulatory Services of NCC, Ms. Josephine Amuwa, who signed the directive, explained that the commission would not place a price cap on international SMS at this time but would work towards lowering the cost soon.

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  1. About time, they need to put a stop to these extortions, even d call rates shld be addressed.