Sunday, July 28, 2013

Part 2: "Before I Write A Book" (Me, Six Foot Plus and N60) - By Basketmouth

Comedian, Basketmouth as released the part 2 (In case you missed the part 1 read it HERE) from his short stories about his experience with people while growing in the Nigerian entertainment industry and this time its about rapper, Six Foot Plus. Read the story below....
Fame pre-award concert in the year 2000 had Dele Olukoju and Wale Oluwaleimu as stage/project managers. I had met Wale before then and he had suggested I come perform in the bid to expanding my brand name.  
I went there with a friend of mine, we had spent the last kobo on us transporting ourselves and getting food to eat as the event didn't start early enough. My performance was done @ about midnight. 
As it was time for me to leave, I met with the show organizers hoping I'd be paid for my service. Unfortunately, communication had gone wrong somehow as they thought I was doing the performance for free. 
It dawned on me immediately that I was in trouble. My friend and I then decided to just hang around as the concert was still on and hopefully we might get a free ride.

It was 2am, the concert still banging out and me feeling totally exhausted. While moving around I met Six Foot Plus and Terry D Rapman... now, I was a big fan of their work and so we got talking. They loved my performance so it was a mutual relationship immediately.

I swallowed my ego and pride and brought myself to ask Six Foot Plus for money to transport with, he didn't have much on him but gave me N60 which was more than enough to cover our bus fare.

We walked out from the concert area and as we approached the main road, as God will have it, there was a bus going our way. Lagos wasn't by any chance threatened by kidnappers or the famous one-chance so we had nothing to fear. 

We got into the bus and in 30min we were in Yaba,which wasn't far from my house (Railway Compound-Ebute Meta) we walked home and by 4am I was in bed, happy at my chance to perform, exhausted by my ordeal and grateful for my new friend and saving grace, Six foot Plus.

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