Sunday, May 12, 2013

Photos: Virgin Airline Boss, Richard Branson Dresses As An Air Hostess After Losing Bet

The Virgin Airlines boss not only dressed as an air hostess, he also performed the duties that came along with it after losing a Grand Prix bet with AirAsia chief executive, Tony Fernandez two years ago.

The Ceo's had a bet on which one of the their Formula One racing teams would cross the line first in their debut season of the 2010 Formula One Grand Prix, in Abu Dhabi. The loser according to them would have to serve as a flight attendant on board the winner's airline.
The Virgin boss shaved his legs for the 6-hour Perth to Kuala Lumpur flight, served drinks, cleaned the toilets among others on the special flight.

Jeez! He does not look good at all, more photos after cut...

The jokes on you! AirAsia chief Fernandez was more than happy to pose up with Branson, who finally made good on the bet after two years

Pucker up! Richard Branson wore a full face of make-up for a flight to Malaysia after losing a bet to AirAsia chief Tony Fernandez

Here come the girls: Branson joined a number of other AirAsia stewardesses

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