Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thief Tries To Steal Kim Kardashian's Bestie Jonathan Cheban $500k Watch From His Wrist After Boasting About It On Instagram

Lmao this is too funny.... a few days ago the reality star almost lost his watch when a man tried to rip the $500,000, 22-carat sparkler by Jacob & Co. right off his wrist in the Hamptons where he was having lunch. 

Jonathan posted an Instagram picture of the watch revealing the location of where he was lunching and that's where the drama started... 

According to a report on Tuesday in the New York Post
A group of women came over to his table to take pictures with Jonathan and he posted a photo on Instagram of his diamond-encrusted Jacob & Co. watch and captioned it, 'I think I overdressed my wrist today with my @jacobandco ...22 karat's is a bit much for daytime LOL'.

A guy came over and started asking some questions, Jonathan was very friendly. But then the guy grabbed Jonathan and tried to steal his half-million-dollar watch! Jonathan fought back to stop him, and he pushed Jonathan to the floor. A security guard intervened and the would-be robber escaped without the watch. 

Jonathan didn't file a police report because he was on a tight schedule, a friend of his said.
Learning his lesson, here's what Jonathan told Extra, 
“After I put it up… about a half an hour later a gentleman came up. I thought it was someone just coming to say hi. He started talking to me and he decided to try and grab the watch... off of my hand! 

But I'm okay thank God. I guess it teaches people a lesson that Instagram can be a little bit dangerous.”

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